About us

About us

Mission and vision

For us it is extremely important to meet the utmost needs of our customers. Our main goal is to offer the best individual solutions specific to your business and its organization.

Through our experience in telecommunications software development and management, gained in the implementation of numerous projects, we ensure the fulfillment of unique services in the field of contact centers. By customizing each solution, our goal is to provide the highest added value guided entirely by the specific requirements of each client.

Who are we?

"Price International" Ltd. is a fast growing Bulgarian company with more than 15 years of experience. We specialize in the development of software solutions, configuration, and maintenance of the equipment of all manufacturers in the field of telecommunications worldwide.

Over the years, the company has developed and sold multiple technologies for different areas of telecommunications services. CALLFLOW contact center is a new area of activity for the company and it is the result of our experience and knowledge, combined with the application of unique technologies developed by the company itself.

This makes CALLFLOW not just a contact center, but also a center with a full range of channels of communication with your customers (inbound and outbound campaigns, Live Web Chat, SMS, e-mail, Click2Talk, e-mail communication and processing of documents, customer service lines), which is unique in terms of services offered in Bulgaria.