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We and our service providers may use the following types of cookies:

Essential cookies:

These cookies are strictly necessary for the website to perform its functions. We use these cookies for example:

* to establish the authenticity and identity of our users when they use our site so that we can provide our services;

* we can comply with our General Terms and Conditions and maintain the security of our services;

Performance and functionality cookies:

These cookies are not strictly necessary, but allow us to customize your online experience with our website. We use these cookies for:

* to remember your preferences so that you do not have to enter information that you have already provided every time / for example, when entering your data for access to our services /;

* to collect information about how our customers use our services so that we can improve our site and services and conduct market research (for example: information about popular pages, viewing habits, number of clicks, etc). shares, likes, last visited pages, voting on comments).

Advertising cookies:

We use these cookies for:

* to obtain information about how you use our website, such as the pages you visit or how you respond to advertisements in order to provide you with advertisements that are tailored to you;

* to determine which are the most popular parts of our site;

* to monitor the use of our services and our site (frequency and time);

* to monitor the success of a product;

* to determine how often you and other users visit our site;

* to conduct surveys so that your interaction with our site and ourselves to be able to be improved.

Often, these cookies are intended to provide ads that are tailored to you - both on our site and off it. This type of advertising is known as 'interest-based advertising'. Many of these types of cookies belong to our service providers.

Session cookies:

We may also use session cookies, for:

* to allow you to move between the individual pages of our site without the need to log in

* to recognize you when you return to our site to use our services; again. This practice is known as single sign-on;

* to keep the answers to a completed questionnaire form (and not to have to fill in the questionnaire form many times).

Precise targeting cookies:

These cookies contain information about how you used our site and can be triggered by our advertising partners. They do not store personal information. Thanks to them, you will not see information that is irrelevant to you. These are dynamic cookies on Facebook, Google and others.

Third party cookies:

We also use certain third-party cookies as part of our services. These cookies are managed by the respective sites and are not controlled by us. Listed below are the third-party cookies For others, you need to visit the relevant sites and follow the instructions provided. we use, some of which can be turned off using the general settings of your browser. Google Analytics - to generate traffic statistics for sites and traffic sources, and to convert measures and sales - to opt out see