How to turn your online visitors into buyers

Amazingly large number of visitors leave the Web sites they visit without making a purchase even when Web sites are well organized. When customers are looking for products or services online, there is no better way to attract and hold their attention than direct communication in real time.

Surveys show that people looking for goods online want to ask questions about the products offered, and prefer the opportunity to receive immediate answers. That is why many of the major sites offer clients the opportunity to talk for free with a customer service representative.

Your goal is to increase sales constantly, something quite challenging when your competitors are just a click away. Click-2-Talk offers you the opportunity to create quick and reliable contact in real time. You can turn your casual visitors into satisfied customers.

Our solution

Give your customers the opportunity for direct conversation and they will not leave. With Click-2-Talk you can remove obstacles and increase your sales with the help of real-time responses to the questions posed by your customers.

Click-2-Talk helps you attain satisfied and loyal customers, offering them the best online and offline commerce. The competitive price of the service allows you a return on your investment even with a minimal increase in sales. Give your online clients a compelling reason not to leave empty-handed.

Key features

Schedule for sales representatives

Module for sales agents configuration and working hours for each agent.

Phone prioritizing

Ability to set priorities in the event that one time interval is staffed by more than one sales agent.

First contact setup

It is possible to choose if a sales agent or a client establishes contact first. It is the company's decision which side has to wait to be connected when the other side has been contacted.