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We offer a comprehensive contact center platform with a choice of modules depending on your needs. The variety of modules included in the platform allows you access to all necessary functionalities working as one. We save our clients time and money, as they do not need to seek separate modules and to integrate them.

A wide selection of functionalities for your contact center


Customers like IVR systems when they are created and configured correctly. CALLFLOW IVR allows your customers to get service anytime, anywhere, while optimizing your costs.

  • IVR editor and script interface for developers.
  • Optional IVR configuration by the customer or CALLFLOW.
  • IVR options ranging from a standard automatic response to complex systems integrated with your CRM.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

CALLFLOW Contact Center Solution contains an advanced algorithm for optimized staff and customer service operations:

  • Call routing based on the experience of each employee.
  • Dynamic management of incoming calls aiming to minimize client's holding time.
  • Wide choice of strategies for allocating calls to employees.

CTI (Computer Phone Integration)

For the convenience of our customers, we have developed two methods to integrate data from a centralized server with the receiving calls module:

  • A unique integrated database within the Contact Center Solution that allows for the integration of customer data and incoming phone calls.
  • Interface to connect the Contact Center Solution to your:
    • CRM system
    • Ticket System
    • Accounts, invoices database

Automatic dialing methods

Contact Center Solution CALLFLOW Contact Center Solution offers all automatic contact dialing methods in order to optimize costs:

  • POWER DIALING module


We know how important it is for customers to have at their disposal a script module within their Contact Center Solution. Therefore, our technical department created a unique script module with over 50 optimization functionalities based on the specifics of all your incoming or outgoing campaigns.

With CALLFLOW Contact Center Solution, you save time and money not having to purchase and integrate an external script module.


Every contact center solution offers monitoring, but we provide you with software that will monitor every detail of your department's activities.

  • Create your own monitoring panel.
  • Dedicated panel for each supervisor.
  • Set your own criteria for level of service:
    • by campaign;
    • by employee;
    • by set goals.

Reports and statistics

All that a manager, a supervisor, or a contact center employee needs:

  • Tabular and graph reports
  • Reports for calls and recordings per campaign and employee
  • Department targets
  • Work conditions of each employee

Individual templates for importing and exporting data

It is no longer necessary to depend on preset formats for inputting data or for generating reports in Excel. We provide you with the opportunity to create your own unique template for data input according to the needs of your campaign or client information. You have the ability to generate a unique template that includes:

  • Data already input in the Solution.
  • Answers to questions.
  • Preset campaign text.