IP Telephone Exchange (PBX)

IP Telephone Exchange (PBX)

You can choose Cloud Service or purchasing a Telephone Exchange (PBX)

Your business needs a telephone exchange (PBX) to improve the quality of your customer service and to provide convenience for your employees. We have developed a product that supports more than 50 features. It enhances the performance of your company, saves you money, and allows your customers to reach you at all times.

Key features


Customers want to get in touch with the department or employee of their choosing without going through one, two, or more employees. Automatic routing with IVR allows you to:

  • Better service your customers.
  • Save time and money for your company.

Call recording

The ability to record all or part of all incoming and outgoing calls of any of your employees and customers.


Detailed statistics for all outgoing and incoming calls. Reports and statistics by hour, day, week, and month. The option to create statistics by department, employee, or phone station.

Conference rooms

The ability to create and manage conference calls within your company or with your partners. More than 20 configuration options for your conference room.