Personnel management software

Personnel management software

Software that gives you all you need to manage your employees well.

Within each company with a Contact Center Department, a key task and a major challenge is the management of employees within the department. Proper management and accountability contributes to:

  • Cost reduction for the company.
  • More motivated employees.
  • Employees’ job satisfaction.
  • Compensation based on results.

Basic modules and functionalities

Employees' schedule

Software solution for scheduling employees is a mandatory application that helps you achieve a higher quality company management and contributes to:

  • Better hiring of part-time employees as needed.
  • Job openings forecasts.
  • Management of ongoing projects.
  • Matching schedule openings with available employees.

Calculation of work hours

It offers you the ability to set work shifts, to calculate work hours within a particular shift as well as to calculate overtime. It allows you to create daily, weekly, and monthly reports about work shifts, overtime, or work hours in two shifts.

Project work time schedule

It offers you the ability to calculate work hours for a specific project or to calculate work hours partially when a project is implemented in stages. It allows you to define daily project standards and to generate reports and statistics.

Evaluation of employees

Module that provides you with an opportunity to define the evaluation criteria for calls by:

  • Preparing your own template criteria.
  • Automatically generating an average score based on:
    • the weight of each criterion;
    • the criteria included in the average score.

Calculating compensation

Module for calculating compensation based on:

  • Work hours.
  • Achieved results.
  • Calls evaluation.

Produce your own data and template for each specific project. Modify and record templates to calculate score.