We are a fast growing Bulgarian company with more than 15 years of experience, specialized in development of software solutions, configuration and maintenance of equipment of all global fields of telecommunications.

Based on our experience in the development of telecommunications software and the accumulated management experience in the implementation of many projects, 'PRICE INTERNATIONAL' Ltd. guarantees the implementation of unique services in the field of contact centers through individual solutions to provide the highest value, guided entirely by the specific requirements of our clients.

CALLFLOW Contact Center is part of our business and is the result of the professional knowledge and experience of our team, combined with the application of unique technologies developed in 'PRICE INTERNATIONAL' Ltd. This makes CALLFLOW not just a contact center, but a center with the full range of channels for communication with your customers, which have no analogue in terms of services offered in Bulgaria.

Our specialists are our main resource. In this regard, we are committed to pursuing human resources policy, aimed at career development, professional recognition and support, primary and supportive training, delegated responsibilities, powers and freedom for development, because we believe that only motivated and responsible employees can provide products and services with constant parameters in accordance with the requirements applicable to them.

Our main goal is to offer the best individual solutions for the specific business and its organization.

Our main principles in initiating a new project are related to:

  • analysis of all possible situations and all the information in order to offer the best solution for the Client;
  • creating and documenting rules;
  • application of the basic principles in quality management, defined in the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

The management of 'PRICE INTERNATIONAL' Ltd. is committed to a continuous process of improvement in all processes, activities and quality management system.

We achieve our goals by maintaining and constantly improving the implemented and functioning Quality Management System according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. In this regard, 'PRICE INTERNATIONAL' Ltd. undertakes:

  • to provide software products and services that meet customer requirements and meet modern trends in the field of telecommunications;
  • to continuously improve its quality management system and to control its implementation by each person performing activities for and on behalf of 'PRICE INTERNATIONAL' LTD in the functioning of its processes / implementation of activities;
  • with knowledge and application of the requirements of all requirements applicable to the management system and the activity (of the clients and other interested parties, of the standard, of the normative base, of 'PRICE INTERNATIONAL' LTD and others);
  • identifying, monitoring and timely responding to changes in external and internal issues of stakeholders related to quality management;
  • by managing the risks and opportunities for business processes through effective and efficient actions to manage them;
  • by improving the processes for the implementation of the activity, the competence of the employees, for the maintenance and provision of infrastructure, equipment and software products;
  • with the annual definition of specific and measurable quality goals;
  • by announcing the current policy in the company and encouraging all persons involved in the implementation of our activity for its implementation and awareness of their personal contribution in this regard;
  • by disclosing and making this policy available to external customers, as appropriate;
  • with the implementation and maintenance of the current policy;
  • by annual review of this policy, in conducting the review by management;

As manager,


My personal involvement and responsibility for maintaining the efficiency of the management system and implementation of the announced quality policy, which guarantee the rights and expectations of customers for the characteristics of our software solutions and services, for their improvement and the associated development and prosperity of 'PRICE INTERNATIONAL' Ltd.

22.02.2018 г.
CEO 'Price International' LTD: Martin Kokalov