Business processes outsourcing

Business processes outsourcing

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Outsourcing has many advantages - it increases the available human resource that answers your clients' calls; it reduces your company's staff; it removes gaps in customer service and it reduces the response time between customers and businesses, all of which is conducive to improving your market position. If you conduct direct marketing campaigns or similar initiatives, you are aware that the number of outgoing calls may vary. When your office cannot handle this type of variations in the volume of calls, you are missing important opportunities. Partnering with CALLFLOW means you will never miss a call or a business opportunity. Our outsourcing services allow you to have additional operators outside your office that will provide your customers with the expected high level of service.

A contact center is as good as its employees and CALLFLOW 's employees are trained professionals who take care of your customers and service your incoming and outgoing calls. Our agents answer calls on behalf of your company and follow the protocol set by you to ensure the professionalism you offer your customers. As part of our outsourcing solution, our agents become familiar with your organization and offer you the service you need.

You can always rely on our professional team when you need to outsource your campaign or when you need long-term service for any of your business processes.

Our services for your business

Outbound campaigns

CALLFLOW offers all types of services related to outbound campaigns that today’s businesses need to optimize their time, money, and resources.

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Organizing business meetings
  • Direct sales over the phone
  • Servicing different activities
  • Reminder calls
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Inbound campaigns

At CALLFLOW , we are experts in the management of incoming calls. We answer every call quickly and professionally. Each call is important to us and we treat every customer with equal consideration regardless of the size and scope of the project.

  • Customer service line
  • Help Desk
  • Receiving orders
  • Servicing games
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