Inbound campaigns

Inbound campaigns

We are your partner if you're looking for flawless execution of your inbound projects

Contact center CALLFLOW contact center is organized as an inbound call center securing its clients several and varied opportunities. CALLFLOW develops individual solutions in compliance with the requirements and the specific line of business of each client.

Our goal is to support your company’s development. We provide you with professional services for receiving calls that decrease the operational expenses of your business and increase your revenues, at the same time providing better service to your customers.

We at CALLFLOW are experts in managing inbound calls. We answer all calls promptly and professionally. Every call is important to us, and we treat all customers with equal care regardless of the project’s size and scope.

We service all calls promptly and professionally keeping in mind how extremely important this is to your business. When calls take place, we extract all the necessary information that transforms the call into a sale. We achieve this by means of a team of professionals who are fully aware of the importance of the appropriate servicing of each call for the development of your business. Our whole center works for you and the continuous improvement of your company.

Our services for your business

Customer Service Line

  • Answering inbound calls from "Customer service numbers" of the type 0700XXXXX/ 0800XXXXX, (02) 902493X or other telephone numbers suggested by the client
  • Servicing inbound calls at hourly intervals requested by the client with 24/7/365 service option
  • Servicing by universal agents/operators according to a set/preliminary scenario and ready questions and answers
  • Servicing by consulting agents who can be the Contractor’s competent staff working with CALLFLOW ’s software platform from their workplace at any location in Sofia or the country
  • Developing a virtual form accessible online for recording incoming issues, inquiries, statistics according to your needs and wishes.
  • Possibility for including a web telephone on the Contractor’s web page for customer access to the "Customer service line"
  • System for 100% servicing control
  • Providing information and access to the CALLFLOW CRM system for marketing needs
  • Possibility for IVR /Interactive voice reply/ messages at different stages of the servicing scenario
  • Possibility for Blacklist (inclusion) in case of malicious calls

Help Desk

  • Campaign-focused or permanently functioning lines with 24/7 servicing and guaranteed coverage of inbound traffic
  • Specialized help, connection with third parties
  • Receiving calls during TV and radio shows
  • Technical maintenance lines
  • Servicing telephone lines: 0700, 0800, 0900

Receiving orders

  • Receiving and summarizing orders from retailers or end clients and sending them out online
  • Customer service
  • Customer information service related to the business and services offered by your company
  • Accepting and processing requests for listing new clients
  • Returns and claims, requests for warranty and out-of-warranty service

Servicing games

  • Full development of game or promo concepts.
  • Servicing inbound game lines or seasonal campaigns.
  • Combination servicing of inbound and outbound lines for informing winning participants.
  • Technical provisions for promotions and games.