Outbound campaigns

Outbound campaigns

Put your trust in a partner with the necessary experience and resources to execute all your tasks promtly and efficiently

We are specialized in the spheres of telemarketing, direct sales, arranging business meetings, servicing games and events. Our legal entities database is one of the most detailed and well-structured in Bulgaria which enables us to provide highest quality services. The supervisors and staff in our contact center are motivated to achieve the quality and performance benchmarks set by you.

Our services for your business

Marketing campaigns

  • Phone interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Public opinion surveys
  • Satisfaction surveys of final customers
  • Marketing surveys, demographic profiling, monitoring
  • Selection of participants for focus groups and in-depth interviews according to a list of clients
  • Sending out congratulatory and informative e-mails and SMS

Organizing business meetings

  • Organizing business meetings by using a database for connecting and setting up direct meetings between clients and their potential business partners

Direct phone sales

  • Executing outbound calls for selling products or services by phone
  • Comprehensive organization of the sales process

Event management

  • Registration for conferences, seminars and meetings
  • Calls to confirm participation in events organized by the client
  • Initial calls and sending out event invitations
  • Production and distribution of greeting cards and invitations with follow-up phone contact

Reminder calls

  • Reminders about participations, ads, meetings, promo announcements
  • Calls to winners in client promo games
  • Payment notifications