Solutions for your business

The introduction of new services and the optimization of costs make for a successful company; our experience can help you succeed

CALLFLOW develops contact center solutions and telecommunication solutions for more than 15 business areas. Our sales representatives and consultants aim to provide your company not just with any solution, but with a solution for your specific needs. Our technical support department will consult you and will provide you with a solution to integrate your existing software solutions for business management with appropriate and chosen by you module or contact center platform.

Solutions based on type of business activity

Telecommunication operators

You are a telecom operator searching for a solution for your department - a service you offer your customers or a platform for packaged business services. Together we will determine the most appropriate solution for you and we will integrate it in your company.

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Survey agencies

You are a survey agency looking to purchase a solution or you want to use a solution only when you have a project. We will consult you and will provide you with a solution to optimize your costs and to provide you with detailed automatic reports and statistics.

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Retail chains and online stores

You are an online store and you want to make sure that at the end of a transaction your communication with your customers does not end; you would like for them to come back to you in the future.

We will provide you with a solution that will allow the customer to establish easy initial or subsequent communication with your sales representative.

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Collection Agencies

We know how important it is for every collection agency to:

  • contact the customer at the right time
  • reconnect with the customer at the appointed hour and day
  • allow employees to see the necessary information for each customer
  • update the information of each customer
  • use the most appropriate channel of communication with the customer
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Banks and financial institutions

In the world of finance time is money. It doesn't matter if you offer a product or service to your existing customer or if you are attracting a new one, effective communication makes the difference between making a deal or losing a deal.

CALLFLOW gives you a unique advantage so that your channels of communication take you to a maximum number of successful deals.

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Hospitals and medical institutions

We know how important it is for a person in need to have 24/7 access to a hospital phone number or to be able to obtain results information. This is why we have developed a contact center solution that meets the high expectations of your hospital. With our specialized software you will be able to organize quality service for your patients - 24/7, fast, easy, and convenient.

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Insurance Companies

When a natural disaster strikes, let your call center be part of the solution. Caring for your customers is your responsibility; your contact center solution is our responsibility.

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Governmental organizations

The goal of each administrative department is to provide fast and quality service to both citizens and companies. Our goal is to provide you with the solution to achieve it.

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Tourist agencies

Our specialized software allows you to have flexible communication and constant contact with your customers when they have questions about travel, when they need information about tourist destinations, excursions, package discounts, reservations, and airline tickets. Our software also allows you to stay in touch with tour operators when your customers need assistance with hotel accommodations domestically and internationally. You will be able to send information about affiliate networks and various promotions and games. You will also be able to make outgoing calls to notify customers about new offers and discounts for early booking and for booking holidays and excursions.

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High quality and fast customer service is priority for any utility. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that will help your customers obtain information about all services provided by your company, access reference to bills and invoices, technical problems, and any necessary information for the customer.

Our consultants will offer a solution to optimize your contact center costs while keeping a high quality customer service.

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