Banks and financial institutions

Banks and financial institutions

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In the world of finance time is money. Regardless of whether you’re selling products or services to current or potential clients, effective communication makes the difference between striking or losing a deal.

CALLFLOW provides you with the unique advantage of having your communication channels lead/result in a maximum number of successful deals.

List of business proposals

Customer line (Help desk)

CALLFLOW is a company that develops all available products individually. This gives you the opportunity to receive a product optimized and integrated in line with the needs of your Help Desk department. We’ll provide you with the following:

  • Unique monitoring module.
  • Inbound line management according to:
    • employee skills;
    • employee-based workload distribution.
  • Database connectedness.
  • Automatic retrieval of information.

Telemarketing, sale of services

You want to create an effective sales department or increase the productivity of an existing one. You want to have all necessary modules and functionalities integrated in one single solution:

  • Conversation recordings.
  • Working hours and contact center staff schedule management.
  • Creating individual scenarios.
  • Contact center agent assessment.
  • Inbound and outbound lines.
  • IVR for inbound line management.
  • Spreadsheet and diagram/chart statistics.
  • Individual templates for import and export of statistics.

Marketing research

You want to carry out individual research, but do not have the necessary solution. We offer you rented workplaces with all the necessary modules for collecting and analyzing data.

  • Spreadsheet and diagram/chart statistics.
  • Creating individual scenarios.
  • Individual templates for import and export of statistics.
  • Call recordings.

Possible functionalities