Retail chains and online stores

Retail chains and online stores

Our solutions for your business

You are an online store and you would like to keep in touch with your customers after closing the deal, you’d like them to return to your store.

We’ll provide you with a solution that will not allow your customers to experience difficulties getting in touch with or continuing their communication with your sales representatives.


Customer line

Nowadays the most visible thing that distinguishes a leading business in a given field from its competitors is the service provided to customers. We’re offering a solution for the Customer line that includes:

  • IVR module (possibility for data base integration for verification of orders, frequently asked questions, menu for every department).
  • Recording of conversations.
  • Automatic distribution of calls to agents.
  • A choice of scenarios for call distribution depending on workload and staff skills.

Accepting orders

Competition in the field of conventional and online trade puts high demands on every salesman for quick and efficient customer service. Every missed call or delay in order processing means losing a customer. We’re offering you a solution that will give you the opportunity to:

  • Direct customers to the best salesperson.
  • Collect statistics about how busy the line for orders is and how to optimize it.
  • Provide opportunity for automatic replies to inquiries.
  • Fill out data about the type of each call.

Sales calls

The telemarketing department is one of the most important in every company. That’s why we’re offering you a solution that will help your managers keep track of each and every sales campaign parameter and take immediate action for improving performance. Your supervisors will be able to:

  • Record conversations.
  • Collect over 15 types of statistics.
  • Monitor basic indicators.
  • Create staff schedules.
  • Assess conversations.
  • Create scenarios for every single campaign.
  • Create import and export templates.

Possible functionalities