Survey agencies

Survey agencies

Our solutions for your business

You are a sociological agency looking to purchase a solution or would like to use a solution based only on an assigned project. We will advise you and offer you a solution to optimize your expenses and provide you with detailed automated reports and statistics.

List of business proposals

Research through phone surveys

Basic functionalities for carrying out quick and efficient surveys:

  • Possibility for creating scenarios for every single survey.
  • Possibility for defining answers for the purpose of SPSS platform integration.
  • Call recording.
  • Real time spreadsheet and chart results.
  • Defining quotas according to survey requirements.
  • + more than 30 other functionalities.

Get in touch with our consultants and you will receive free advice, demonstration and a free trial period.

Tonal selection surveys (automatic survey without a telephone operator)

Companies often want to survey their own customers for a short timespan at a reasonable price. Specially for sociological agencies, we developed a module to the contact center solution allowing for a big number of calls to be made within short time intervals.

We provide a solution which does not require contact center agents. Customers may choose between 2 and 8 possible answers corresponding to the numbers on the mobile or landline phone panel.

Rating measurement

You’d like to carry out an express automatic survey? We’ll provide you with a solution achieving 100% reduction of contact center agents and several times higher volume of customers reached.

Possible functionalities