Telecommunication operators

Telecommunication operators

Solutions appropriate for internal departments or platform for providing your customers with package services

You are a telecom operator and you’re looking for a solution for one of your departments – a service you can offer your customers or a package business services platform. We will jointly determine the most suitable solution for you and integrate it in your company.

Our solutions for your business


A web-based platform for telecom operators with over 10 different services. Possibility to offer in all kinds of package configurations for telecom operator business customers. Possibility for offering cloud services to your customers.

Main platform modules:

  • Contact center solution
  • IP PBX
  • Inbound IVR
  • Outbound IVR
  • Conference calls

Contact center solution

You are a telecom operator and you’re looking for an appropriate solution for one of your departments or a universal solution for several of your departments. We will advise you on the most appropriate configuration and will provide you with a solution optimized for your business model with an integration option with your current solutions.

Departments that can take advantage of this:

  • Sales department
  • Help desk
  • Collection department
  • Marketing research

IP telephone system Class 5

SIP based switching solution with the following options:

  • Subscriber register.
  • Asterisk based switching module.
  • Over 50 functionalities.
  • Unlimited combination of functionalities.
  • Billing module.
  • Integration with external applications (Active directory).

Personnel management

We’re offering you a module by means of which you can control the working hours of your contact center or telemarketing staff.

A solution suitable for part time employees, option for calculating salaries based on hours worked or hours defined in specific categories.

  • Personnel management
  • Working hours
  • Calculating remuneration

Possible functionalities