Tourist agencies

Tourist agencies

Our solutions aim at increasing the number of your new and regular customers

With the help of our specialized software you will have the opportunity for flexible communication and seamless connection with your customers for travel inquiries, requested information about tourist destinations, travel tours, package discounts, reservations and airplane tickets, seamless connection with tour operators for resolving hotel accommodation issues at home and abroad, submitting information about partner networks and various promos and games. You will be able to make outbound calls in order to inform about new offers and discounts as well as early bird discounts and vacation or travel tour reservations.

Our solutions for your business


The solutions developed by us aim at turning your tourist company into a market leader. In order for you to succeed in holding the strongest position in relation to your competitors, our consultants will analyze your needs for improving performance and optimizing your expenses.

Our goal is securing you constant growth by means of:

  • Implementing innovative methods for the sale of your products.
  • Automation of the sales team’s work.
  • Collecting statistics and preparing reports for every employee and department.
  • Possibility for monitoring and recording conversations for all campaigns.

Servicing inquiries, reservations

According to market research, 60% of all customers are willing to pay more for better customer service. Our goal is to provide your company with a solution that will secure the following:

  • Quick and efficient communication with the sales department/team and your consultant.
  • Saves your customers time.
  • Redirection to a competent consultant depending on the customer’s inquiry.
  • Redirection to staff on duty in the event urgent assistance is needed.

Possible functionalities