Тerms and conditions for Cloud services provided by Price Internetaional /Callflow

1. General information

1.1 These general terms and conditions regulate the relations between Price International/CALLFLOW, entered in the commercial register at The Registry Agency with UIC 13119461, with registered office and address of management Sofia, 1784, boulevard “Tsarigradsko shoes” 135, phone number +359 2 874 00 80, e-mail office@callflowlab.com, hereinafter referred as CALLFLOW, with users of CLOUD SERVICES provided by PRICE INTERNATIONAL Ltd.

1.2 'User' of the services within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions means a legal person who has accepted these General Terms and Conditions through contract and using the services provided by CALLFLOW.

1.3 These Terms and Conditions are required for CALLFLOW and Users, which is certified by their signatures in the contract for the provision of services.

1.4 Acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions by users is performed in written form.

1.5 For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the following shall be considered in writing the existence of declarations of intent of the parties made in electronic form.

2. General conditions

2.1 The user selects the parameters of the offered CLOUD SERVICES,which are determined by virtue of a contract. The user has the right of access and use the Cloud Services only to the extent agreement. The user is responsible for the use of the Cloud Services by any person who accesses the Cloud Services with the username and password of The consumer.

2.2 The User is considered to have been notified and is bound by these General conditions from the date of signing the individual contract for the provision of Cloud services. For the cases not settled in the contract, the respective ones shall apply provisions of these General Terms and Conditions. They are an integral part of the contract with the user and are binding on the parties, unless expressly agreed in an individual contract.

2.3 CALLFLOW reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions. If changes occur, CALLFLOW publishes the general conditions on its website at: www.callflowlab.com and sends them to the emails of the Users with whom has a contract for the provision of Cloud Services. In case that the User did not object in writing form to the adoption of the new General Terms and Conditions in 7 (seven) days within the first day of receiving them by e - mail, they are considered to be accepted by the user.


3.1 CALLFLOW is entitled to have a remuneration for the services provided, signed in the individual contract.

3.2 CALLFLOW has the right to limit or terminate temporarily and permanently the use of Cloud Services in each of the following cases: - if CALLFLOW finds that the User uses them in bad faith, in violation of operating on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union legislation; - in case of non-fulfillment of the conditions under the contract by the User; - in case of actions by the User, harming the interests of CALLFLOW and / or those of another User; - in actions that interfere with the normal use of Cloud Services and related fraud and / or abuse;

3.3 CALLFLOW reserves the right to make changes or updates to Cloud services (such as infrastructure, security, technical configurations,applications and others) during the term of the contract with the User, as well as in the CLOUD infrastructure maintained and developed by CALLFLOW.

3.4 In order to improve the quality of the Service, perform prevention, troubleshooting and other related activities, CALLFLOW is entitled to temporarily limit or suspend the provision of the Service due to compensation for the time during which the User does not use the service.

3.5 CALLFLOW undertakes to provide a contact person for technical support for assisting in resolving technical issues problems with the use of the Service, information about which is contained in The Individual Contract or its Annexes.

3.6 CALLFLOW notifies the User of upcoming maintenance and repairs to your local network or other equipment related to the provision of The service. In these cases, CALLFLOW is obliged to recover in a timely manner the provision of the service after the circumstance which is the reason for suspension.

3.7 In cases where no violation of the quality of the Service is envisaged, CALLFLOW notifies of planned preventive maintenance at least 24 (twenty four) hours before the start of maintenance.

3.8 In cases where the quality of the Service may be compromised, CALLFLOW notifies about planned prophylaxis at least 3 (three) days in advance the beginning of prevention.

3.9 CALLFLOW provides technical support according to Appendix as an integral part of the contract with the User.

3.10 CALLFLOW provides training to employees of the User, compared to Application as an integral part of the contract with the User.

3.11 In the event of a complaint from a third party for the use of The service in violation of legal provisions, rules of morality or regulations of the Agreement and the GENERAL TERMS and CONDITIONS of CALLFLOW, the parties agree that CALLFLOW has the right to temporarily restrict the provision of the service or access to the User's information, until the case is clarified.

3.12 CALLFLOW is not responsible in case of inability to provide connectivity or operation of technical equipment during a certain period from time to time due to force majeure, accidental events, internet access, technical or other objective reasons, including orders of competent state authorities.

3.13 CALLFLOW is not liable for damages caused by the User to third parties and the User undertakes to indemnify CALLFLOW in full for compensation paid by CALLFLOW to third parties for damages caused by The consumer.

3.14 CALLFLOW is not responsible in cases of overcoming the measures for security of the technical equipment through which the Service is provided and beyond followed by loss of information, dissemination of information, access to information, restricting access to information.

3.15 CALLFLOW is not responsible in case of granting access to information, loss or change of data or parameters of the Service, occurred following false identification of a third party posing as The User, if from the circumstances it can be judged that this person is the User.

3.16 CALLFLOW undertakes not to provide data to third parties and User information stored on CALLFLOW devices at work with cloud services provided by CALLFLOW.

3.17 When using CALLFLOW cloud services, the connection between The user and CALLFLOW is encrypted using TLS / SSL protocols.

4. User’s rights and obligations

4.1 The User has the right to use Cloud Services according to the agreement contract.

4.2 The user has the right to access the administrative and operator web-interface for remote use of the Service from outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, only with the prior permission of CALLFLOW.

4.3 The User undertakes to pay the price for the Service, according to the conditions and terms specified in the Contract and the subscription plan selected by it, described in Annex 1 to the Treaty.

4.4 The User has the right to use the Service in good faith and on purpose.

4.5 When using the Service, the User must not use software, scripts, programming languages ​​or other technologies that could create difficulties in its use by other users.

4.6 The User is not allowed to use the Service for creating Internet games.

4.7 The User agrees not to use the Service for generating unwanted phone calls. Violation of this requirement is grounds for temporary suspension of the provided Service, for which CALLFLOW notifies the User. In case of repeated action, CALLFLOW has the right to terminate unilateral provision of the Service without notice.

4.8 The User is not allowed to use the Service: - to publish, disseminate or make available in any way, data messages, text, computer files or other materials that, contradict the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable foreign laws, this contract, Internet ethics or good manners and which violate the legal rights of third parties. - to publish, distribute or provide software or others computer files that contain viruses or other risky programs, or their components. - for the publication or transfer of pornographic and illegal material. - to publish data, messages, text, computer files, or more materials containing a threat to the life and bodily integrity of the man, propagating discrimination, preaching fascist, racist or another undemocratic ideology whose content infringes rights or human freedoms according to the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria or international instruments calling for the forcible change of the constitutionally established order, to commit a crime, etc. - for malicious phone calls.

4.9 The user undertakes not to transfer his rights and obligations under this Third Party Agreement without the prior written consent of CALLFLOW.

4.10 The user must carefully keep all access data, passwords and codes and keep them from third (unauthorized) parties.

4.11 The user must inform CALLFLOW without delay if suspects that the above are missing. The user is responsible to CALLFLOW for all damages resulting from abuse.All access data and codes will be sent to the User to the last email address,specified by the User.

4.12 The user is responsible for all actions taken with his account, whether made by him, his employees or third parties ( including its agents or subagents). CALLFLOW is not responsible for actions taken with the User's account. The user will use the services only under the contract and will refrain from abusing them.

4.13 The user undertakes to notify CALLFLOW immediately in case of unauthorized use of his account or other security break. The user is responsible for all actions performed by his account (via his username and password).

4.14 The user undertakes to provide all the necessary technical means to work with the software provided to him.

4.15 The configuration and maintenance of the User's local network is his own obligation and in no way engages CALLFLOW.

4.16 The user is obliged to configure the end device from his own party so that the voice traffic on the leased line between the User and CALLFLOW be with the highest priority over all other traffic.

4.17 The user declares that he is aware of and agrees to the terms that The services are not error-proof and it is not guaranteed that they will work without errors and / or continuously for which CALLFLOW is not responsible. The services are distributed and made available for use in a form created and provided by its developer, the latter not guarantee that the Service complies with all needs and requirements of the User. The user has checked and made sure that the various functionalities of the Service meet his needs and requirements, which certifies and confirms by signing a contract.


5.1 CALLFLOW is only liable for culpable or rude behavior negligence, is responsible for carelessness. Not responsible for lost profits, unrealized savings, lost interest, indirect losses, non - pecuniary damage or for damages arising from claims by third parties, or for lost or altered data. CALLFLOW assumes no responsibility for the content of transferred data. The user is responsible for the content of private and business pages it has included, the data stored, the emails sent and the data released into circulation and therefore acts as a personal controller data within the meaning of the Bulgarian Personal Data Protection Act under regarding the processing of personal data.

5.2 If the services are suspended in whole or in part due to violation of p. 5.1. of these General Terms and Conditions, the User may not file a claim for compensation for damages against CALLFLOW in this respect. CALLFLOW reserves the right to prohibit the transfer of data or services if they are contrary to law, international conventions or general decency; however, there is no obligation to do this. The user is liable for claims arising from the use of CALLFLOW services by third parties as far as it can bear responsibility for this.

5.3 Software Liability - CALLFLOW is not responsible or responsible a guarantee that the software it supplies meets the requirements of the User works in accordance with the other programs of the User or that any defects of the software can be removed.

5.4 When setting up security systems or security solutions (e.g. antivirus products), CALLFLOW will take into account the status of technique, but does not guarantee its absolute security and does not take any responsibility in this regard. Similarly, CALLFLOW is not responsible for any damage resulting from the circumvention or exclusion of those introduced in User security systems or security solutions.


6.1 Regardless of the provision of the Service, CALLFLOW retains all its rights to software products. All rights to intellectual property on the software of the provided Service are subject to protection under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, and their unregulated use by the User is a violation of law and leads civil, administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the current Bulgarian legislation.

6.2 Exclusive owner of the right to offer and the right to use of the CALLFLOW Service.

6.3 The license is non-exclusive and CALLFLOW reserves the right to provide The service and / or related software of third parties without limitation to their location or subject of activity.

6.4 The user is not allowed to copy and / or distribute the software, provided for use in connection with the Service or its program code with any and be an objective, including its use to create and disseminate a program, identical or insignificantly different from the Service subject to the present agreement. The user is not allowed to provide passwords to third parties for access to the Service.

6.5 The user is not allowed to transmit the program code remotely, to store program code in computer memory, translate it, process it and make other changes to it. The user has no right to examine, decompile or disassemble the programs and other components of the Service.

6.6 Copying and using program code, database structure data, documentation or part of it is prohibited. Sale, distribution, rental or transferring the rights to the Service is otherwise prohibited.

6.7 The user is not allowed to copy and upload the software provided for use in connection with the implementation of the Service on other servers or places for the purpose its further reproduction or distribution.

6.8 Changes to the Service are made by CALLFLOW and are maintained version-modification.

6.9 At the same time, the User has access to the Service only of the number of workstations for which the User pays a monthly subscription.

6.10 The user has no right to grant the rights to use, as well as any other rights in the Third Party Service, except with the prior consent of CALLFLOW.

6.11 Illegal use, distribution of the Service and copying of the program code is a crime under the Copyright and Related Rights Act and is punished according to the current legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria.



7.2 The cost of providing Cloud Services starts due to The User, as of the starting date of providing the respective Cloud service, certified by a handover protocol, with which it is accepted.

7.3 All bank fees and expenses are at the expense of the User.


8.1 Applicable law is the Bulgarian law to the relations related to the individual contracts for the provision of Cloud Services and these General conditions.

8.2 All disputes arising from individual contracts for the provision of Cloud services and these General Terms and Conditions or relating to them are governed between the parties through negotiations, and in case they cannot be settled voluntarily will be referred to the competent Bulgarian court.

8.3 The Contracting Parties shall give all notifications to each other only in writing at the addresses indicated by the parties in the individual contract or email. Written communications shall be deemed to have been received by the parties if have reached the address specified by them. If either party fails to notify the other party for address change under the contract it is considered the messages sent to the announced address so far have been received.